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Infographic – Training and Development Gains

Moving to a new job, can be a stressful time. Getting one’s bearings, finding one’s way and most of all navigating through all the plethora of materials.

Battle of the Century: eLearning vs. Classroom Learning

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This is not the first job that I have started and wondered…where do I go from here. The advantage this time, is that question is there by design this time.

I ask you…how many times has it happened to you, or even worse…you are at a job for 5, 10, 15 years and you are still wondering that same thing! The power and the beauty of the world of eLearning and effective Training and Development ensures that you and your employer can actually be on the same page.

Stronger understanding of what you are doing, where you are going and what will be the next big thing.

But, can eLearning replace the “classroom” setting?

In many cases yes…self directed training means that you move at your pace…and if done right…no death by PowerPoint!

There is a better way…and in the coming weeks I will be diving into the wonderful world of LMS, LCMS, SCORM and a whole bunch of new Acronyms that I have been diving into in the past few weeks.

The realities being faced by Department Leaders, HR, and Trainers are daunting and I have always said:

“A Friend in Need is a Friend In Deed!”

So if there is any way that I can assist you don’t hesitate to reach out to me…lets see if you can build a brighter 2014!





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