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Infographic of the Week – Social Media and Education

In the past I worked with and in a number of schools and higher education institutions and I must say, the one thing that is constant is that the social connections to technology always seem to be a view into the future of how the business world will be.  Social Media, from Facebook to Twitter and from YouTube to LinkedIn seems to not only be gaining a foot hold in the culture of students today, it will become an even more necessary tool in the future as those “kids” start to try to make it in the real world.

When it comes to understanding the importance of the use of Social Media as both a communication medium and as a way of broadcasting messages…it is the youth of today that get it and us old farts (and I say this to anyone over the age of 40) needs to get a grip on the reality that is Social Media.  Business will be run socially, there is no doubt about that and shaping that future in a way that allows us old farts to not fade into obscurity becomes even more important.  This weeks Infographic looks at the use of Social Media in Higher Education…prepare for tomorrow but live in today!!!

Social Media on the Rise

by gryffin.
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