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Information Overload

I am still reeling from yesterday’s brain twisting mess as I hit a brick wall in my understanding of Data Warehousing and Data Marts.  I have always been good at picking up on technology concepts fairly quickly without too much trouble (sure programming is a different beast entirely but I can understand the logic behind the language).  So when I woke up yesterday and found myself pouring over 100’s of pages of whitepapers and PDFs I think it may have been information overload.


I had multiple conversations with clients and prospective clients yesterday that they are faced with the same issue.  With information coming at them from so many directions (Vendors, Google, Blogs, Research, Past Experience, Colleagues) it becomes too much to stand.  I have heard and read in a few places that today we consume, digest and internalize more information in one day than an average person did during their entire lives during the middle ages.

Now I am not calling for a mass disconnect or unplug…the one week that I did that in November 2011 almost caused me to go into Shock…no but we do need to all take some time away from the screens that keep feeding us content.  Filling our brains with new information and clogging up our time.  The problem for me is I really do enjoy diving into 20 different subjects EVERY WEEK.

I love to connect the dots, gain insights and understanding and then translate that to my clients and my colleagues.  It is one of the grand pleasures of doing what I do as a Tech Sales Guy for an IT Research Firm. 

Can drawing the tech lines between so many different moving parts really be good for me though?  I have moved so far away from practical knowledge that I am starting to feel like everything I am seeing is all theoretical.  That might be why I felt the need to build my SUPER Computer so that I could play with Virtual Desktops (all 180 of them).

It strange…I feel like this post more than many for me has been truly cathartic and healing.  Letting it out almost feels like I was able to open up another area for more “Data” to be stuffed into my head only to be recalled and spit back out at a moments notice.  I guess I just hit the “file compression” and made room for more.

Cheers and happy Friday!

Chris J Powell

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