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Interesting WWI Analogy of the looming Tech Battle

From time to time I read through the comments that are at the bottom of articles that I read, and today I found one that is the source of inspiration today.  The article that I was reading was a call out to a looming battle that is out there in the mobile space that will put Microsoft, Google and Apple in a very real “hot” war.  There are a few fringe players that sit just outside of the main battlefield with rumored new Smartphones in development, Facebook and the center of the article in question Amazon.

I would like to thank the commenter mjw149 over at, if you are @mjw149 on Twitter…it was a great observation, that I thought I would Krispify and expand on here.

In the example and analogy sited in this comment, Apple would play the part of Germany, with RIM being France, Microsoft being the UK, Google playing the Russia but I am curious about the Fringe Players in this analogy.  Where would Facebook and Amazon come into the picture?  Although they will not be key players they may end up being like Canada and Australia who both had their future independence and National Identity defined and carved out on the battlefields of the Europe and the Middle East.

Lets think to our high school history lessons about the First World War and how the assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand ignited the powder keg that was building in eastern Europe.  The same thing is happening right now with both the legal and commercial battles being waged around the world when it comes to the mobile devices that are connecting each of us to the content and “Stuff” that we just can’t do without.

The battle lines are drawn and with some of the well played Attack Ads (especially by Android handset king Samsung) and the constant onslaught of legal attacks thrown at Google and its OEM partners, this is likely to get very messy, very fast.

There will be casualties and this is going to turn into a long drawn out Trench Warfare style battle, complete with gas attacks, valiant machine gun charges and eventually the complete redefining of the Tech “borders” and the losers stewing over their loses.

I am not sure if Apple will be the eventual loser like was described in the comment (I would not be overly heart broken) but there will definitely be clear winners and obvious losers, that is for sure.


Chris J Powell

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