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Interesting New Tech – Is it Really Viable Though?

With a tag line of “No Service, No Problem” a new Start Up Company could be a survivalists dream…or for those “hipster” folks that love to be on the bleeding edge,  GoTenna is a way to cut the virtual cord of your wireless provider and create miniature mesh networks for “secure” communications.  Ok, having experienced a challenge of losing cell service because of  issues beyond my control, this seems almost too good to be true…and well it might just be.


First hurdle the company needs to overcome will be the FCC in the US…you see the Federal Communications Commission has more than a few issues with the setup of private broadcasting…but the interesting factor is that it uses public spectrum that is reserved for hand held devices like walkie talkies so is it a hurdle after all???

Second hurdle…the nefarious Patriot Act.  Would a government agency allow any “individual” to build small private networks like this?  Because the traffic is encrypted, and does not run through the phone companies cell towers…the data being shared would be completely outside of the ability of the NSA to spy on the communications.

Third hurdle…while you purchase a pack of 2 of the antennas…you can only communicate device to device so reaching out to a broader network…is just not possible, or is it?

You see, when I look at this little bit of technology, and the benefits of having this as a back up for emergency use, there is an amazing potential as one could actually use host/client technology to enable a new bread of cellular service to the world. It would mean rewriting the code that underlines the tech and allow it to move from just texting…to mobile data sharing when you connect it to a static source say like a vehicle or a stationary facility.

Building a mesh network around this technology would not only be possible…it would be entirely probable and could potentially end the existence of cellular dead zones around the world.

But is it really possible?

Only time will tell but for $149.99 pre-order…I think I might just jump on this band wagon!



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