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Is BYOD a saving Grace or Massive Headache for IT?

As far as the eye can see the encroachment of consumer grade devices are knocking on the doors of EVERY IT Leaders and asking come in behind the firewall.  It doesn’t matter if it is the CEO with his iPad or an aggressive Sales Force wanting the latest Android SmartPhone the flood gates are open and my customers are left holding the ball.  The consumerization of IT is a challenge and a it may be a blessing but there are many unanswered questions that come from opening the network to products that conform to no testing or true security measures.


There are a few companies out their trying to find that balance between the Consumer and the Enterprise.

BYOD is here but there are companies that are actually focused on providing Enterprise Quality with Consumer Grade good looks and usability but the fact that it is Enterprise Quality does come at a premium.  I talked about the Motion Computing CL900 being a viable alternative to the iPad 2 and other Android Tablets but I just picked up on a new offering from Motorola that extends the slickness of the Xoom to the Enterprise.  The ET1 is really pretty slick in its design and is a testament to Motorola’s returned focus to providing Solutions!


What impresses me most about the ET1 is that Motorola did a really good job of trying to find a balance between the “sexiness” of a new Consumer Device with a product that actually took into account what would need to happen in the REAL world.  The 7″ Tablet if rich with features and from all accounts was built for a mobile Sales Force to interact with it and focus on more than just the Retail or Sales Industry.  The design and management appear to be a good fit for nearly any industry and with a solid support package designed to support the Enterprise…well that is always a good thing…ask any IT Leader who has tried to get real insight from Apple when it comes to Enterprise Integration of the iPad!


Some Specs for the ET1:

Dimensions5.14 in. H x 0.98 in. D x 8.82 in. W
130.5 mm H x 25.0 mm D x 224.0 mm W
Weight1.4 lbs./.63 kg
Display7 in. capacitive; 1024 x 600; 350 NIT ; Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Expansion CapabilitiesUser accessible Micro SDHC card slot (up to 32GB); expansion module port
Expansion ModulesIntegrated expansion port for ‘snap-in’ peripherals for Motorola and third party peripherals
CPUDual core 1GHz each plus graphics accelerator
Operating SystemAndroid 2.3.4 enhanced with enterprise functionality
Memory1GB RA M,4GB Flash plus 4GB microSD (total of 8GB flash memory); user accessible microSD card slot (supports up to 32GB)
Development ToolsMotorola RhoElements for cross platform applications
Management ToolsMotorola Mobility Services Platform (MSP )


One of my favorite “Trade Rags”, eWeek reported on this device earlier this week and quoted Motorola about how the ET1 incorporates better into the enterprise but still satisfies the need to operate in this new Post PC world.   This approach comes down to two factors: ROI (return on investment) and TCO (total cost of ownership). For its customers, Motorola Solutions is trying to demonstrate the hidden costs of consumer-level devices, while highlighting the operational savings of using enterprise-level products, which can be more easily provisioned, customized and managed by IT.


Just as was the case the the CL900 that I discussed last week…the Motorola ET1 starts at just under $1000 USD but the hidden wins are really focused on the fact that management will be easier with built in tools and security, multi-user setups so one device can be leveraged in a Shift Work Environment and many many more.

To look deeper at the what Motorola says will  “turbocharge your workers with a Motorola ET1 —the tablet THAT ’S flat-out enterprise”, check out the feature and options at the Motorola ET1 product page.


Well that is it for me, just 4 more days until I take some time off for a much needed vacation.




Chris J Powell

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