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Is it time to build an Ark?

Call me crazy but the amount of rain that we have had this spring is making me start to wonder if it time to build an Ark and start collecting the animals Two by Two!  With a general ceiling collapse in our Master Bedroom and several nights of frantic drying and sleeping in the Recliner and things are getting back to normal but I am wondering more and more if it was worth the move last November???

But I digress the real reason that I made reference to the Ark was an interesting bit of Architectural Beauty that I discovered on the Interwebs called NOAH or the “New Orleans Arcology Habitat.”  Now for those who are not in the SciFi know an Arcology has long been touted as the future of our urban environments.  A self contained city within a City. It is said to be able to house 40,000 residents and be basically self sufficient in. Check out the 3D Rendering Video that looks to NOAH:

Now if you are thinking that these wild “Blade Runner” like buildings are just wild flights of fancy well you would be wrong. There are several projects either under construction, in final approval or nearing the ground breaking stages right now.

Masdar City: Near Abu Dhabi
Initiated by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (ADFEC) it is a showcase of where Modern Urban Planning meets Modern Technology and focuses on testing and building out the next generation of future Energy Projects that can be tested and built out on a massive city wide scale.

Arcosanti: Arizona, USA
On a much smaller scale the Arcosanti Project came from the mind of Paulo Soleri.  Started in 1970 it has never taken off but currently has a varying population of 50 – 150 people and there is the Master Plan that calls for the eventual population of 5000.  Reminds me of Burning Man that never ends though!

Dongtan: Shanghai, China
Similar to the project in Abu Dhabi, Dongtan held great promise for the mass immigration of China’s poorest to the cities in search of work.   With a 0 impact and fully sustainable plan it would appear that the plans for China’s first EcoCity may be all but dead.

Other Project in the planning stages include Crystal City in Moscow, Russia and the ZIGGURAT Project in Dubai.

While the days of the sprawling personal estates and the need for 3,000 square foot homes for 1 or 2 people being the norm here in North America should be numbered…I think the state of the Back Yard Barbeque is still safe for a while…unless of course the rain doesn’t stop…hmmm… how big is a Cubit again???


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