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Is the Chromebook ready???

I have been a fan of the Netbook since it first came out.  Our house has both a 7″ eeePC and a 10″ Acer Aspire and I must say despite the diminutive size of the keyboard on the eeePC it still runs like a top. With the announcement of the new Chromebooks built on the Google ChromeOS I wanted to see if this new OS had potential to breath new life into my aging little PCs.

I first installed the Chrome OS in a Virtual Machine (no sense in wiping out a SSD for no good reason) and found the lightness to be quite refreshing.

The Cloud has made the world of typical computing quite foggy and the need to have everything stored in a “Thick Client” and the maintenance headaches that come from that.  I put the Chrome browser which is the basis for much of what the ChromeOS is, and found it to be as solid as it is on Ubuntu or Windows!

The code behind the OS is rock solid but I must say that with the well publicized outages of major cloud providers out there in the past week (Google, Microsoft and Amazon) I have to say that relying on the Public Cloud for all your data needs may not be the saving grace that it appeared to be.  Now on the other hand, if you move to a hybrid cloud or internal cloud and do in house hosting of the core apps then you may be able to breath new life into aging machines!

I think the biggest winner will be in education.  I have said it before that if Google can get a toe hold into the world of K-12 education then we may see another revolution/evolution of content delivery and consumption.

Sorry for the short post today…I slept in.

Chris J Powell

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