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Is the Indexed Search really Dead?

There has been much said about the death of the Indexed Search and the dominance of the Social Search when it comes to finding information today.  I personally don’t see it, while I have built a fairly strong network of friends on multiple Social Media indexes and well I don’t really trust them to be able to direct me to where I need to go, or what I need found…at least not when I need the information yesterday.  Google still remains my primary search and will continue to be so for some time.

Now the rise of Social Media in general is a threat as more and more users login to Facebook, Google+, Blogs etc but will it simply replace the king of Search and push out all of the distant competitors…I don’t think so. and Yahoo Answers have been around for years with a Social Aspect at their core and when it comes to the pure speed of…when I need information I do not want to wait for it.


I generally agree with the things that my VP of Research and Development says but this is a case I can’t.  Take a gander at the recent ITBusiness article #djuusola contributed to.  I really don’t see how and a source like Facebook that is all about sucking us in and making us feel connected by letting us post our personal one liners and status updates can really supplant and real Search Algorithm.  What if I have no friends who have ever tried Thai Food but I want to find a Thai Restaurant to eat dinner at in 30 minutes…I will go to Google.  Comments and “Places” are not indexed by Facebook and many casual users of Facebook that make up the vast majority of the Social Media Golden Child are not hooked in with Smart Phones and doing constant updates of their every movement.


Four Square maybe but I got tired of trying to manage that account in about 5 minutes, even my beloved Google+ has become too much for me to tie it into my daily flow.  Now where there may be a win is in leveraging the power of now this intrigues me.


Well that is my two cents…what are yours.




Chris J Powell

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