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Is the Semantic Web Here???

While Google may not call it the long anticipated next move to a contextual and fully connected Web…according to the Google Inside Search Blog the day of a faster, smarter and more relevant Web is here thanks to the Search Giant. Google is calling the evolution of their Search “Knowledge Graph” and from the reports I have seen…it is really interesting.

I have been amazed not just by the growth of the Web and the ability of things to rapidly connect the dots with people, places and things, the future connections will be made by the Google Bots that now read the web more like a Human than ever before.  The image above is a visual representation of the Web Connections that exist today.  But what is this Semantic Web of which Krispy speaks?

The Semantic Web provides a set of technologies for formally defining the context of information. Just as the Web relies on a standard formal specification for “marking up” information with formatting codes that enable any applications to understand those codes to format the information in the same way, the Semantic Web relies on new standards for “marking up” information with statements about its context — its meaning — that enable any applications to understand, and reason about, the meaning of those statements in the same way.

I also look to Google’s implementation of the Knowledge Graph as more than a way to do “Searches” it is a way for we as a culture to better connect with information.  There has always been a science behind doing effective Searches regardless of what search engine you prefer and the Knowledge Graph starts us down a path towards removing some of the limitations that come from the common user not knowing the secrets of search.

There are three main goals behind the Knowledge Graph

  1. Find the Right Thing: There is nothing worse than having to make your way to page 10 to locate the relevance and desired “connection” that had you do the search in the first place.  The Knowledge Graph will intuitively connect you to the more relevant  options that you entered into he search bar.
  2. Get the Best Summary: Seeing what the site is before you click the link is a wonderful thing.  Since this wonderful feature was instituted I thing that Google has extended the life of my left mouse button by at least 2 or 3 years!
  3. Go Deeper and Broader:  For Search Junkies like me…the ability to peal back layers and either narrow my focus or expand the reach of my search is a great opportunity.

The future of search is in good hands, I know that for me making a switch to the Bing’s, Yahoo’s and Ask’s was never really an option…but Knowledge Graph sealed the deal for me and is an impressive next step!


Chris J Powell

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