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IT Governance – Taming the Wild Beast of Modern Technology

One of the more common queries that I get in this era of do more with less is about IT Governance.  The challenge especially with a smaller department is how do you report your activities, ensure due diligence, perform risk management and complete the never shrinking To Do List with an ever decreasing staff and smaller and tighter controlled budgets?


There was once a time when an IT Department that did not have the internal expertise could go out and “Contract” that insight on a limited basis to get the job done but I am finding that even that is coming under scrutiny from those who sign the checks.  So what is an IT Leader supposed to do to meet with tighter Government, Industry and Corporate controls? 

Well a colleague of mine pointed out an amazing independent White Paper last night via Social Media and when I read it I instantly knew that I had to share it with my readers.  I was at first cautious about diving into the content mainly because of the Site’s Title: but you know what…creativity can not be limited to just Krispy’s Rants right!

So who is this guy they call the IT Skeptic and what is this great White Paper…well I will say that Social Media is what brought me to this point in connecting with “the Skeptic” and in real life he is better known as Rob England, the Principal Consultant at Two Hills Ltd a New Zealand Based IT Consultancy that focuses on “Sensible Business Practices”. 

The White Paper that I was directed to is titled: I.T. Needs Better Parenting.  I have read a lot of independent and sponsored White Papers already this year and I can honestly say that hand’s down the IT Skeptic is winning for best report of the year so far! 

I really enjoyed how Rob made a great connection between the growing pains that IT Departments around the globe are experiencing as they are being “forced” to mature at an incredibly rapid pace despite not having the general “maturity” to do so.  My favorite line:

IT is still immature. Railroads had decades to find their way before the explosion of the 1800s. So did the automotive industry. The IT profession and industry has been plunged into the wildest, most explosive technical revolution in human history without regard to the fact that technologies might change in an instant but people change and grow at a human pace.

Take a read, look through the rest of the IT Skeptic Site…I started to last night and new in a heartbeat that I would not be in bed at a sensible hour if I continued down the Rabbit Hole.  Have a great day!


Chris J Powell

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