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It Happened…Apple Has Invaded my HOME!

Yep…my colleagues at work called it nearly two years ago when they said that it was only a matter of time before everything in my home was replaced with Apple Products.  Sure, I held off for as long as I could and I have not bought much in the way of Apple products myself but now two shiny new little “cute” iPhone 4S devices showed up at the front door!

I feel betrayed and a little frustrated by the fact that my wife’s friends had more influence over her “upgrade” from Blackberry, you see it boiled down to the opportunity to connect easily and as most of her friends are well, lets just say not very technically astute…they switched over to iPhones as the carriers started putting them on the market for amazing prices.

So I now have my iPad (that was a prize at work), my daughter’s iPod Touch (purchased at a Pawn Shop for a song) and two iPhones….four freaking Apple Devices…what is next…my daughter wanting an iMac for her next computer!!!!

OK, I will take a breath here.

Friday’s are supposed to be about App Friday so I will take this opportunity to bash the world of iTunes again, because it is now front and center for me to try and set up these freaking devices so that they can not only access the network but also get all the music that is stored on the 3TB Drive and what a joy that has been so far…with all the great minds at Apple one would think that they would figure out how to make the “Gateway App” a little more intuitive!

Well…I am off to get frustrated with these new Apple “toys” that have invaded my home…wish me luck…hopefully I can resist the call to the Dark Side!

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