Chris J Powell

IT Scavenger Hunt

I work with IT Leaders around the globe and I am amazed at the thought process that comes to them as they realize that they can not do everything themselves.

I am guilty of the exact same goal though.  “If it is worth doing, I will just do it myself so that it gets done right”.  When I focused purely on acquisitions at the beginning of my Sales Career that was fine, but as I started working with my clients long term as their Account Manager I came to the conclusion that they needed much more and this has translated to what I do with every client I work with and that is for every Past, Present and Future client.

I work with some incredibly intelligent leaders though and as I have gotten to know them I really focus on all things that are important to them.  It doesn’t matter if they are an IT Director that started out his career as an Oceanographer or the IT Manager who was an Engineer in the space program.

One by one they come looking for something that is easier to do than to do themselves.  There is only 168 hours in a week and as much as we would like to tack on even just 1 or 2 hours it is not possible. The research that our team of capable and hard working Analysts write is very practical and tactical with  insights that allow for the implementation of large and complex strategic plans is second to none in the market place.

When I titled this post as the IT Scavenger Hunt, think of relying on the Google Search Engine as your exclusive resource for IT Strategy, Tactical Templates and your trusted advisor for getting things done.  It’s free, available pretty much everywhere but has grown way to big.  If you type “SharePoint” into the search bar you retrieve 36,800,000 results.  Now do the same with “ SharePoint“…786 results with the top ones being our incredible Solution Sets that have become the staple of what we do.  No muss no fuss and everything at your fingertips…including access to me as your Account Manager to piece it all together, book your access to our Analysts to help deliver on your plans or just be a friendly shoulder to cry on when you need it.

Give me a call, shoot me an email, comment on this post…I will respond and help you in any way I can.

Cheers and remember…this week is for ‘Niffy.

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