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It’s all in the Brand

Every company is trying to build a Brand so that they can stand out in  the crowd of online ads and email SPAM that we all get thrown at us on a daily basis.  The challenge for most of us who hang our hat and claim to be Professional Sales People is that difference between our Personal and Professional Brand when it comes to who we are as people.  The challenge with Social Media is that it really is so darn easy to get started with little or no expense that I find it humorous that people still try to separate personal from professional.


The ever growing tide of new Social Media Connections has made it a second full time job for me and the reality is there is no difference for me between the Professional Me and the Personal Me.  I tend to avoid adding clients and prospects to my Facebook Page but in looking back at my wonderfully laid out Time Line…other than the posts about mindless time wasting games…the message is the same between all my Social Media Channels. To Quote Popeye…”I am who I am, and that’s all that I am”. 

Over the next week or so I will be doing a full Social Media Makeover and focusing on doubling…yes doubling my Social Connections.  During my first year it was about building a base and getting a solid understanding of what Social Media could do for me.  To help me build my base and focus on all that I am and all that I can be within the Social Media Space, here are the links to my most frequented Social Media channels:














One of the strange aspects of looking back at so many different connection points is to keep them all updated and well…over the last little while, I have failed to keep up my Tumblr, Blogger and Google+ Accounts but that is about to change!  When asked at work or by my clients…how much time I spend on this Blog and Social Media…I can honestly say that it is only 1 hour per day of focused and dedicated time and for me…that time is 60 minutes that I would be doing something related to preparing for work so it is not new time that I had to invest…it is re-invested time that I get the unique chance to connect with YOU!

So as I redouble my commitment to explore some new Social Channels (Pinterest???) and continue with some interesting new features at the 1 year anniversary point of Krispy’s Rants (ok I will let you in on a secret…I am planning on a 10,000 mile journey…but that is all I can say).  Connect with me on one or all of the above channels…I look forward to starting a two way conversation very soon.


Chris J Powell

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