Chris J Powell

It's been a while…but here is a bit of the Geek in me

The inner geek in me is always trying to find a way to permanently come out to roost but then there is that lonely conservative voice that resides in the back of my mind telling me to conform to the standards.

Defining what type of Geek I am is a challenge as I love all the things that truly make one a geek, I love computers, I love Sci-Fi, I play Video Games (although I do so on a PC as I can not justify an Xbox or PS3).  I even go one step further and wear my inner Geek on my sleeve with quite an extensive tattoo that includes several Ubuntu icons and the latest edition is a Stained Glass rendering of St. Isidore of Seville (the Patron Saint of the Internet and Computer Users).


There are many definitions and levels of true Geekdom…there are your hard core Sci-Fi and Anime Fans that go to conventions and dress up as a Storm Trooper or a Klingon (I love my Sci-Fi but that is not me), I dive into Linux and love to support and build upon the connections that that community has to offer but I am not a Coder.


In many ways the defining of who I am is not a Geek or a Fanboy…I am me and I like what i like.  If that means that I am labelled a Geek then so be it.  There is something to be said about ot being a typical anything…it means that I am true to myself…what ever that means, so with this my final post of 2011 I bid you all a Happy New Year as I attempt to hit a full Post per day in 2012.




Chris J Powell

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