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iTunes Frustration – Reason # 342 why I won't buy Apple Products

I get that Apple wants to have all their products work the same way for everyone and that they don’t like the tweaks and changes that real power  users like to do to their machines.  I really do, it is good sense and means that they save BILLIONS on support but really…why can’t I just create a sync file list in iTunes.

Maybe it is me and I just have an aversion to learning this useless and under powered music player that is the only way that I can add and remove music from my iPad.  I tried a bunch of options a while back and I am stuck with this.

To top things off, I am constantly adding and removing files from my music folder and for some reason it finds what is new on a regular basis and adds them to the general play list but in a stroke of infinite stupidity…the software is not intelligent enough to find that the music that I deleted (usually because I remembered that I hated that artist or I only wanted one song and not an entire album – I miss Kazaa and the days of finding just a song and not the whole album!

So I am stuck using this thing they call iTunes.  At least it is free because if I would have had to pay for it I would be less than impressed.  Well…I guess this weekend I once again search for an iTunes alternative that will work on the iPad…because this is just REDONKULOUS!

Well that is it for my little Rant.  If you know how I can resolve either of these glaring issues so that I don’t have to spend hours downloading and evaluating a bunch of music players that probably won’t work…let me know…iTunes is the only reason why I have a Windows Virtual Machine installed and it would be wonderful to finally say good by to Microsoft and Apple all in one shot!


Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “iTunes Frustration – Reason # 342 why I won't buy Apple Products

  1. iTunes sucks, of this I agree, but there IS a way to do what you want to do.

    Create a play list (let’s call it Krispy’s iPad), then in the sync settings for your iPad you tell iPad to only sync that playlist.

    Now if you want to get advanced, you can create a smart playlist that only syncs stuff you have rated.

    • I actually found a great free utility that lets me add and remove songs with impunity. Copy Trans is free for the taking at its base level which lets me do a simple drag and drop into the iPad…what took me 90 minutes in iTunes took me 10 minutes with Copy Trans.

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