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I can honestly say that one of the main reasons I started this blog is because I tend to be a tad opinionated and rarely afraid to let anyone around me know that opinion, often and without regard of anything but my venting.  This blog has saved a lot of people having me go off on a Rant about Linux, or my deep seated dislike of the proprietary nature of Apple and I am sure that my co-workers are thankful for the opportunity to read my Rant rather than be the recipiant of a verbal tirade.

I have tried to be fair and just when it comes to my writing here though but I am finding it harder and harder to find any news this month that does not include Apple, iPhone or iPad releases coming out.  Maybe it is just my primary news source being an iPad and the nature of the Apple Software Development policy having a dig on anything anti-Apple being displayed on their devices but this is just getting completely rediculous.


For weeks I had to endure the constant battering of my senses about the Great Steve Jobs and his retirement, followed directly by “Foxconn producing 45,000 iPhone 5 per day” and “Large Screen iPhone 5 may be the iPad Nano”…there is more to the world of Gadgets than just the locked down, idiot proofed Apple version of life.  Life should be about options and yes I agree with part of their philosopy that it should be easy to use and well just work!  They win on that account and I give them props for that but what happens when the luster wears off and you want to do more than just what came with the machine…then you run into problems.


I am far from a “Certified Apple Technician” but a friend of mine asked me for some assistance with a “special project” that required entering into the dark side of the world of MAC and uncovering the roots of the beloved OS really are in the world of UNIX…he was going to have to open the Terminal.


Now I can in no way falt him for not knowing how or where to find the Terminal but the absolute gaul of Apple to bake in the severe warning into the use of the most powerful tool on any comptuter…I am paraphrasing here but the warning basically gave him a minor heart attack when it told him “Making changes to the files system using the Terminal may render your system unusable”…the tension over the phone was thick enough that it could be cut with a knife.  The task at hand was resolved without incident, the commands correctly copied and pasted into the “nano” session that we opened.  All was Good in the Hood…until we went to close out the “nano” session and another warning of impending doom is presented.


I was a tech support specialist for a lot of years, I could remotely guide 80 year old ladies to establish remote connections and reformat drives.  I could remove a virus 3,000 miles away or simply assist a customer with a new task like configuring their wireless connection for the first time but I can honestly say that for all the bugs, issues and holes that are built into a Windows based computer…MAC makes its users far to complacent.


I suspect that despite the best intentions of the developers and hard working Apple Employees…there will be an attack on the root of the Apple EcoSystem that will bring down its users in a glorious blaze of glory.  It may not be a virus but a distributed attack that focuses on the laid back nature that most MAC users have gotten used to.  It is my suspicion that the days of being a MAC user and having the small town attitude of leaving your front door unlocked will be over as the Gangs flood into your lovely Alumiunm display, onto your iOS device and take over that featherweight MacBook and bring the entire experience to a halt.


There that feels better.  Now I will be able to get on with my day.  Expect to see more of this type of Venting coming soon…the Rants do have a DARK side!




Chris J Powell

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