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Knowing When to Walk Away

Some things look good on paper, and sometimes it is just hope that has them look good but when when the chips are down and there is only one person who can atone for the sins of the man…it is time to walk away.  The past two weeks I went on an experiment, looking to see if the world of call centres had changed in the 5 years that I was away from them…I can attest…they have not.

Having come from a job that I loved the clients and many of my co-workers but suffered through much of the rest of the grind…I am not sure why I took on the role that I did, knowing it was a Call Centre.  They billed it as a Sales Professional’s dream gig, with great rewards and easy product to sell…well the reality is, I was nothing more than a glorified Telemarketer in Sales Professional’s clothing.

In all the Sales Training that I have had in the past 5 years, the core rules of success have always included:

  1. Believe in Yourself (yep I have that down, I have done it before I can do it again)!
  2. Believe in Your Company (that is a bit tougher as it is an Outsourced company selling for a Fortune 500 Financial Services…who do I believe in???)
  3. Believe in Your Product (this is where it gets really tough as I just don’t believe in the product that I was selling.  Sure I can see the benefits but I would not consider it a responsible thing to do if I was a Small Business Owner…how can I ask them to do something that I would not???)

And that is where the challenge lies.  I was working for a company that worked for a company selling a Product that I would NEVER use myself.  I might as well be a Sales Guy for a Hair Dresser (yeah there is money well spent…a pair of clippers and a razor is all I need and have needed for 20+ years).

Could I stick it out and make a go of it…sure.  Would I be happy…not likely as I would always be thinking about what I was doing to the business owners each and every call.  As if a sign from the Sales Gods, I put my back out Thursday Morning and was not able to return to work on Friday thereby missing a dozen call backs that I had scheduled.

I know that the timing really sucks for my family but after spending nearly 5 years trying to fit myself into the mould that a company wanted for me…it was time that I found a place that can accept me for what I have become and not ask me to work at 100% but handicap me with process that limits my capability by at least 75% (yeah…the Social Seller with no Social Tools…a CRM that should be termed CMR (Call Management Recker) and a complete lack of understanding of what selling in the 21st Century has become.

For those reasons…as quickly as I found my job…it is time to move on. Where will it lead me?  That is still a chapter that has yet to be written but this experience will be just a footnote moving forward.



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