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Krispy's Rants – A New Beginning and Old Style

For those who have gotten to know me over the past 30 months here at Krispy’s Rants, I like to mark certain occassions with a post and today is no exception.  My daughter turned 14 yesterday…a land mark date in my life as I became a father for the first and only time so many years ago.  I have watched her grow and mature into a wonderful young woman and truly a “Geek 2.0” but at the same time, I spent much of yesterday prepping the guts of the new Krispy’s Rants in preparation for this historic post.  Life is all about New Beginnings and this fall…that is what I am all about.


Every day there is something that happens to each of us that marks a “First” and today is no different.  Since moving on from my role as a “Technical Sales Guy” I have been wondering what will come next for me.  Sure I have had a few interviews but I am not looking for a job…I am looking for that place that I will be able to spend the next 22-27 years at until such time as I can decice that it is time to retire to a Costa Rican Beach and sip Mojihito’s all day long.

I am keenly aware that the job market is ultra competitive these days and I thought that I had found a home where I was as I prepared to move into a new role there (pending some other things happening) but the reality is…even though I have not had to get up in the morning and put on my shirt and tie…I have been very, very happy.  In fact the new role that I have right now (if it paid better) would be exactly where I would like to be…unfortunately there is not a good retirement program for “LOAF” so I have filled my week with some interesting job prospects that hopefully will ensure that I am gainfully employed.

Will that mean that I will be a “Technical Sales Guy” again.  I don’t think so but I am not closing the door on that idea should an offer present itself.

The future for me is bright…what will the next chapter bring?  That is completely up to me as I venture forth and find a new way…but it will not change what and how I do things here at Krispy’s Rants.  I have not decided if it will be a daily post or if I will take some additional time and post 3-4 times per week…but I do know this…I will be producing some interesting new content available for subscribers in the near future (I laid down the concept last week and I really like the initial look and feel).

Stay tuned and have a great day everyone…I know I will!



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