Chris J Powell

Life in a Virtual World

The more we hear about Virtualization and Collaboration and The Cloud I can’t help but feel that while we are more connected to one another…it is just not the same.

With the Holidays basically over, I truly miss the interaction between people and not Virtual Avatars or IMs and Emails.  I visited my family over the Christmas Break and while there was the typical family drama that every get together has…I realized that in 2011 we have replaced real connections with virtual ones.


Even in my full time job (which thanks to a very generous boss and unused vacation time – I don’t have to face the grind until January 4, 2012) I spend most of my day interacting with my clients via email and telephone.  I have been lucky in getting to meet several of my clients at events over the years and have even gone to visit the facilities on a few occasions and this is a real bonus for me to be able to really put a face to the voice.


When did we replace real human interaction with a virtual interaction?  Is it a suitable replacement?  As a Sales Guy…would I be better suited for Outside Sales rather than Inside Sales (I have been told I have a Face that was meant for Radio).


I really don’t know, I do know that from a cost perspective…the virtual me is much more accessible than the real me.


In 2012…I think that the big win will come from the real time web conference.  Bandwidth has dramatically improved and with a little luck…this revolution will make it back on the table.  Video Conferencing between people that may be 1000s of miles apart can really bring the communications paradigm into a real perspective and make things much less impersonal.


Well, with some time off, I think it is time to venture out into the Winter Wonderland that dumped upon us here (yes…we had a Green Christmas but with a dumping of wet Snow overnight…everything should be suitably slippery today).


Question for December 28, 2011:


Who is the Virtual You?


Cheers and have a Great Day.


Chris J Powell

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