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Life in an Internet Minute

Technology amazingly brings us all so much closer together.  The power of the Internet and of Social Media allow for each and every one of us to connect in very unique and profound ways…EVERY MINUTE, OF EVERY DAY!

The real question is…what happens in this great big world in the span of just ONE INTERNET MINUTE?

  • 13,000 iPhone Applications are downloaded
  • 600 new videos totaling more than 25 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  • 60 new Blogs and 1500 Blog Posts are created
  • 20 million Photo views on Flickr
  • 100 new LinkedIn Accounts are created
  • 69000 GB of Data is transferred
  • 168 million emails are sent
  • 695,500 Facebook Status Updates are generated
  • 6 new Wikipedia Articles are published Infographic found at

The list can literally go on for ever and this is happening in large part because of the proliferation of a Always Connected Lifestyle brought to us by the more than 1 Billion Smart Phones that reside in our pockets and go everywhere with us.  I truly feel that this sharing is good for us all, it allows us to connect in a profound way that will forever change how we interact.

Thinking back to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on December 14, we as a family sat down and had a long talk with our 13 year old daughter.  When we were finishing up our Christmas Shopping (yes that is right, left it for the last minute but being a cheap bastard we were able to start and finish in one fell swoop)…she saw the latest issue of People Magazine that was paying tribute to the 20 children who will not see their 7th birthday.

We bought the magazine and read the short stories of each of the victims.  Many questions came out of this, and we learned that despite being in Canada, far removed from the potential dangers of such a tragedy…my daughter was scared to go to school.  A lot of what if scenarios were played out, a lot of tough questions were answered but at the end of it…no solution to her fear.

More than a few of those Facebook Posts, Tweets and photo uploads have been related to that tragedy.  Scams and crimes beyond the actual massacre have occurred but the reality is…the world came together very fast for this small community of 25,000 and that is a good thing.  As quickly as the reality hit each of us…we all were able to reach back out and lend a supportive hand back to the families of that grieving community.

The Internet Minute will get faster in time there is no doubt about that but as long as we always remember that a minute of out time to share and help others is just as important as that iPhone App, Photo Upload or Blog Post


Chris J Powell

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  1. I think that Sandy Hook was so jarring at so many levels. The quiet, small bedroom community in Connecticut that seemed so safe, an elementary school that seems to be a secure haven for learning, the Christmas season celebrating the arrival of the Prince of Peace are all the background for this horrible, senseless tragedy.

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