Chris J Powell

Life is Awesome

Every couple of weeks I troll through the archives at Ted Talks to find inspiration, to expand my thinking or to just kill 30 minutes but when I headed over today…I found all 3 in one shot.  Neil Pasricha the creator and contributor to 1000 Awesome Things which exploded from a simple blog, to a phenomenon that has Books, and Apps and dare I say it…the actual secrets to life embedded in it…well his speech on Ted Talks got me thinking.

There has been many bumps in the road for me over the past several months, some that have had me start to question what my real place is.  In watching the talk and realizing that a happy life really does boil down to 3 simple A’s…well a light went off for me and I can’t wait to get the day, the week, the year and my life started again.



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