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Life is Like a Diamond

This new “Quest” for happiness has led me down some interesting paths to find what it is that I want from my life and how I will be happy in all that I do.  For those that know me, I like to create little subtext stories that relate to the things that I am doing and that doesn’t matter if I am trying to build a Haddoop back end for content research, seeking the next big Customer or just trying to find what will make me smile.

Uncut diamond

In this new life quest, I am finding that looking at the little things has been incredibly satisfying.  I notice things that I had been taking for granted when I was focused on the Big Picture and a 5 year Plan.  The air smells different, food tastes different and the sun seems to shine a little bit brighter and all these things are becoming a source of joy.

But I keep taking a step back and thinking about how can I keep this quest up.  The short term checks on my to do list don’t necessarily mean that I can achieve a big picture goal of true happiness.  Is this just a blip on a manic depressive swing?  I am in an undiagnosed fit of mania and just riding out the wave?  I don’t think so.  I have had ups and downs.  Victories and Defeats and I have never really thought about what would make ME happy, TODAY!

So here goes…Life is like a Diamond.

The value of a diamond is attributed to its Classification.  I think that this can be said of Life as well.


The size and weight of a diamond tend to increase the value of a diamond…and so should the size and weight of ones life.  Life can be measured by both the time we have here on this rock, and the connections that we make with our fellow travellers.  The amazing thing is, as you cleave off parts of a diamond, you reduce the value of the stone but in Life, leaving a piece of you behind and making a positive connection with everyone you meet…that can really make a difference and spread the Joy and make the world a better place.


Depending on the type of Cut…a Diamond can look radically different.  Personally I am partial to the classic Round Cut for a stone but in Life…the Cut is the outward appearance that we present to others.  For many years, I was ok with presenting the “Grumpy side”.  I didn’t really want to let anyone in, but in the past week or so, I have really attempted to put a smile on my face during every interaction.  Sure, I have not been successful 24 hours per day but for the most part, just the simple act of a smile can change a personal perspective, but also change how others see you.  A smile really is infectious, so take the time and make the choice to smile.


A clear Diamond is a thing of beauty but they also come in a myriad of colours ranging from black to yellow to brown, each with different rarity and value.  We typically think of Diamonds as Colourless sparkling gems we see in engagement rings and necklaces.  In life I see my Colour not as the colour of my skin…but the colour of my mood.  I can choose to be more Red and exhibit Anger, I can also choose to more Green with Envy…but why not present myself as a brilliant Yellow mixed with a tranquil Light Blue of inner peace. Colours do mean so much to us in our daily lives and each colour from the millions to choose from have a distinct meaning to those around us.


The perfect Diamond is one without flaws, cracks or imperfections.  We though are people and it is not possible to have none of those things.  We all come with baggage and preconceptions about the world around us and those that inhabit it.  In my quest for Happiness though, it is finding the Clarity of Life that will bring me the most joy.  Seeing the world for its beauty and looking past all the terrible things that happen because we can not control everything (I know, the tighter I have held on to things the easier it is to lose them).  Clarity comes from accepting the world we live in and CHOOSING to make a difference…even a small one…each and every day.


So that is my current look at life.  Will it change…I don’t know.  I like the idea that life can be like a Diamond…but the one thing I know is that NOTHING is forever so I plan on living life in the hopes of seeing the joy that it can bring.



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