Chris J Powell

Long Day

Who knew that being a writer was not just about putting thoughts down onto paper or in my case letting my ramblings and meanderings flow through my fingers and onto the screen in front of me.

You see, I recently moved all of my previous content (almost 5 years worth) from all the various sources to a single location on the newly minted home of “i am krispy”.  While the moving over of the data was easy, a simple 4 click endeavor…going back and attaching images, link checking and reviewing for duplicate posts was not only a challenge, but has been a mind numbing endeavor that after 11 hours I am only 50% complete.

I am not saying that this activity is not important, the number of dead links that I have found are actually quite telling of just how much the internet changes over time.  What I am trying to get to is that if there is anyone out there thinking about taking on the role of a “blogger” whether it be for fun or profit, there is far more than just the post which for me typically only takes a couple of hours per day to think about.

To be immersed in this wonderful world of the Interwebz as more than just a consumer, it takes more than a little bit of technical know how and a desire to constantly improve and learn from the many mistakes that you will inevitably make.

With all of that said…I will likely take a little bit of a break from doing this challenging, yet rewarding work for a bit longer and get to building some new content instead of living in the past.

Cheers for now,


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