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Long Weekend Over – And I Did NOTHING

Summer can now officially begin as the May 2-4 Weekend is behind us here in Canada.  This unofficial start to the summer season has long been held as the first good weekend to put the garden in, open up the cottage, go camping and well…in general let the winter blaws end…for good.  May 2-4 or Victoria Day as is truly a magical Statutory Holiday.


A bold statement but having experienced all that May 2-4 has had to offer in my younger days…I can say that there truly is something special about a weekend that always seems to have too much rain, not enough warmth and an over abundance of Canadian Beer, Whisky and other Libations!  The magic of May 2-4 comes from the pilgrimage to the camp grounds and provincial parks and the braving of the spring with nothing but an under rated summer sleeping bag and a few millimeters of nylon between you and the elements.

It is a right of passage for Ontario Youths to migrate to the lands of Grand Bend, Port Elgin, Kincardine, Sauble Beach and Collingwood for the parties, companionship and outright let your hair down fun.  My first experience with May 2-4 was at Sauble Beach with 8 friends and a Snoopie Trailer.  Yes that is right, I was 18 working full time and still going to school but it was a glorious experience setting up camp by ditching the Friday and making the trek to the promised land.

But I digress…because now 23 years later my First Summer Long Weekend of 2014 I did basically nothing.  Sure I had a Daddies Day Out with Geek 2.0 (my 14 year old daughter) on Saturday but the rest of my weekend was spent packing and going through old memories and planning for new ones to be made.

My future has not been written.  I do not know what tomorrow will bring but I do know this…I will drink from the cup of life every day…sure it may be filled with Coffee instead of 151 Proof Rum now…but that is the great thing about growing up…you can take trips down memory lane…they don’t give you wicked hang overs and frost bite or hypotherma (although I miss the days of doing the fire rolls).




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