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Manage the Device, or Manage the Apps???

The world is very quickly moving towards an ecosystem that allows us to see basically everything we want, from one device to another.  This happens all the time right now with my Chrome Browser that syncs my Bookmarks from my desktop, to my iPad to my Android Phone and then back to my three laptops (one being work supplied).  So if this concept of hardware agnostic Management is possible…what is being done to really focus on the biggest challenge of Mobile Device Management which is the “rogue apps” that users will download?

The Building and maintaining of an Enterprise App Store is upon us and one vendor looks like they have licked the challenge of managing the Apps available relieving the heart palpitations that many IT Security Professions have when the question of opening the corporate network in a BYOD environment.

App Central claims to be able to reign in these concerns and with so many businesses looking to jump out and enter the “Post PC” era this becomes more and more important.  There are two really interesting philosophies that App Central plays to, one is for the business that is driving the change, the other is for the IT Pros that need to live with this decision.

The video is a good lead in to identifying if this is an option that is viable, personally I think that this is a great balance as it will let the IT Department focus on the Governance and Security and allow the Business to focus on Productivity and Profit.

I signed up for a Trial of the service to evaluate and focus on how this could be applied, and will update this post through comments when I know more about how it will work in a fully open environment with Androids and iOS devices wandering around the network.


Chris J Powell


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