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Microsoft to Place a 15% Tax on your BYOD Efforts

This is sounding more and more like sour grapes for the Tech Giant Microsoft.  As if the Billions that they have spent on the catch Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Ads that are on ever TV Channel and every show…they are looking to recoup the money spent not by selling the wares that that they are advertising…no they are going to bring out a special BYOD Tax for Enterprise customers.

It was just announced that Microsoft will be increasing their User CALs (Client Access Licenses) as of December 1, 2013 to offset their “losses” for companies embracing the BYOD movement.  It is no surprise that the Windows RT devices like the Microsoft Surface have Device CALS included.  In a Licensing Brief Microsoft Licensing for the Consumerization of IT Microsoft did give warning that changes would be coming and again in October they released What Are “Qualified Devices”? but they tucked them away in the maze of confusing Licensing Information found on their Volume Licensing Site.

What would the 15% Microsoft BYOD Tax look like for companies…well the forced move to User CALs from Device CALs could be a huge challenge for businesses trying to balance Cost vs. User Experience:

Once again, I am glad that I made the move away from Windows many years ago.  I really do prefer to have at least one drink bought for me before someone screws me!


Chris J Powell

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