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Mobile Management…Do YOU need a helping hand?

So if you follow my other Social Media Channels (as I found out that most of my work colleagues do) yesterday was my Birthday.  With the Summer heat and humidity sapping most of my will to live over the past few days it has been great diving into the basement each morning for some cool air and a respite from the challenges of the coming day.

The more that I write this blog though I find the challenge not to be what I should put out there (I have no shortage of topics) but how do I put my spin on the world of technology without being to “Analyst Like”.  I want to point out…I am not nor do I plan on being an Analyst.  I am a human filter, geek and technical sales guy!  I have opinions and I am not afraid to lay my soul to bear but the opinions on this blog are my own!

Whew…that felt good but now back to today’s post!

Almost daily I get asked by one of my clients in one way or another…”What do I do to better manage our mobile platform?”  This is no easy task.  For some of my clients their CFO’s or even CEO’s have decided that it is now ok for staff to use any mobile device and there for want IT to support every option of smart phone known to man (to get a real understanding of this take a look at GSM Arena, the site does a great job of looking at the best of the best in Smart Phones).

Too many choices is an understatement but even more difficult is making the choice of the software that makes the hardware sing.  With iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian and webOS and RIM all making a play for the attention of consumers (and by default the Enterprise) what will be right for your business?


The dedicated specialists at my company who dive into this space every day and have helped more than one of my clients with direct decision support are much more adept at building an Enterprise Strategy than I ever could be but as an Account Manager I do try to sit in on everyone of these conversations to get a better handle on the challenges that my clients are facing when Vendors, Carriers and independent Consultants are pushing the Silver Bullet Solution at them.

I have a piece of advice for any and every decision that you make that will have a direct impact on business functions (and this would not include the decision to install a “fluggle” on the back end of the the “dongle mitre” or other tech specific solution)…look to an trusted source that has NO vender affiliation, has no axe to grind and will be able to give you an educated opinion based on your UNIQUE circumstances…not on what has the highest margin for them!


What really muddies the water on mobility questions is the advent of the Tablet into the wild.  We all know that Apple likes to think of themselves as cutting edge but NOTHING has changed the face of computing the way that the release of the iPad did in April 2010.  There are choices out there though and just as you need to look to what will best integrate with the same technical infrastructure as your other mobile devices.  There is the iPad, the army of Android Tablets, the webOS TouchPad from HP and now more and more Windows 7 capable Tablets (and don’t forget about my lovely ekoore tablet that runs Ubuntu!!!) then you need to take into account…WiFi Only or do you need 3G capability?

Great new Tablet Management Solution – from Ergotron

If you are not sure what the next step should be for you and for your company…you are not alone…as I said EVERY day I am getting this exact same question, it is actually more popular than Security questions right now in light of the very public breaches that have occurred but mobility choices made today are going to impact the business for years to come.


If you on the other hand feel that you have been or are being led down the garden path and need some direction and guidance…reach out…just like the Hall and Oates Song “I’ll Be Around”!




Chris J Powell


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