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Mobile World Congress is Less than 1 Week Away

From February 25-28 Barcelona will be overtaken by the world’s best Mobility Vendors.  Two of my colleagues from work Mike Battista and Mark Tauschek will be there and I so wish that I could be there with them.  For me, this is an event that is far more interesting than CES (although CES is on my bucket list) and I am getting more than a little antsy about some of the announcements that are sure to come out of the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

Things that I am most excited about?

  1. The likely announcement of ZTE partnering with Firefox for the first handset that is commercially available running the new FirefoxOS!  The HTML5 focused phone is likely to be a Smartphone version of a ChromeBook which by itself is pretty neat but will it be able to take off and make a run at even the bottom rung of the Mobility ladder Microsoft and Blackberry?

  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 Release information and possibly a first view of the new Flagship for the Apple Killers from Korea.  Can these devices keep getting more bleeding edge?  The hints and rumors of the feature sets keep me wondering if my return to Motorola as my primary phone was premature.

  3. And Most importantly…who will be the first nibble for the Ubuntu Phone?  At work we have been tossing the idea around that it could be Acer or Asus as they have both dabbled in Mobility in the past and have been supporters of the Linux ecosystem, but even more importantly, will it be Nokia that steps outside of its Microsoft Bubble and enters a new history?

Well the good news is…I only have 1 week left to wait for all the rumors to be dispelled and the future is revealed.

What are you most excited about?  Leave Comments, I really look forward to hearing what others are thinking about Mobile World Congress!


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