Chris J Powell

New Beginnings

When you work as a Sales Professional there is more “New Beginnings” than in any other job that I have ever worked in before.  You get to hit the reset button every month and every quarter.  There are new Sales Targets, compensation methods, and even Sale Process that you have to wrap your head around but there is nothing better than the Great Reset that happens with a New Fiscal Year!

Competition is great and for 365 days you strive to be the best that you can be.  You push yourself just a little harder than you though was possible and then at the end of it…just as you hit the mental and physical exhaustion part…there is the great reset and all your work for the past year is all but forgotten, everyone gets to start from square one and the focus is on doing MORE than you did last year.


For me I spent about 25 minutes on Friday looking over my personal results for the year and was quite happy with what I had accomplished.  When the competition is as tight as it is within a sales group like the one I work in, making it to the top of the pile is a tough feat but with great pleasure I can say that I am among the best at what I do.  I set goals for myself and have written them down, posted them for the world to see (well at least my immediate sales colleagues that I will compete with).

What do you do when your great reset comes?

  • Do you go on Vacation?
  • Do you plot your next steps and get off to a quick start?
  • Do you stew about lost opportunities?
  • Do you close the books and move on head held high?
  • Do you scratch your head and wonder if you are in the right job?
  • Do you puff your chest, spread your tail feathers and do a bit of a peacock strut?

Just one year ago many of the negative aspects of the Great Reset were weighing heavily on my mind but I doubled down, focused and fought back to the top of my game.  I invested in myself when no one else would.  If you are down about the time before the Reset…forget about what you didn’t do and look forward to what you will do!


Cheers and Happy Hunting to all my fellow Info-Techers


Chris J Powell

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