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New Disruptive Networking Technology

When it comes to Networking most of us think of the bits and bytes traveling back and forth and don’t pay it much attention…as long as those bits keep moving freely.  There is a new start-up in town that plans to disrupt how IT Leaders look at their networks.

Fresh off of $50 Million in seed money, the Nicira Network Virtualization Platform is poised to save 10’s of Millions of Dollars for its customers by leveraging its ability to Virtualize the Network and increase bandwidth when demand spikes, rather than building an over sized data center to support variable demand.  Consolidation may have been the big initial driver for companies to jump on the Virtual Bandwagon but this new technology (if it lives up to its hype) is a real win for the move towards true Utility Infrastructure.

NVP is an interesting take on the typical VLAN and provides companies with a way to break the cycle of hardware dependence and forced into an infrastructure refresh that was created by the push to server virtualiztion.  In the The Seven Properties of Network Virtualization whitepaper from Nicira the concept of its services are explained but even more so the concept of combining and leveraging the unused bandwidth available in the overall network is really quite ingenious. Bringing together the entire cloud like a cowboy riding in wearing a white hat.

What will this mean for the major networking players like Juniper and Cisco…well Nicira may have the support of customers like AT&T, NTT and eBay but with those big boys knocking on their door…even the Networking Cowboys may not be able to fend of the hoards of suitors that are certain to be knocking on their door soon enough.


Chris J Powell


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