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New Feature for all my Readers

Well, as it turns out I have found myself spinning my wheels a little too much lately and in doing so became just a little frustrated with the concept of copy and paste…not a fun time and not what this blog was meant to be.

The Power of the RSS feed is that it lets you pick and choose from the important topics that you want to spend your valuable time looking at.  As I am sure you can imagine, there are MILLIONS of sites out there that provide cutting edge Tech News and I do not claim to be the best or the brightest but I thought that by using the power of the RSS Feed and a great little Plugin called FeedWordPress I would do a little experiment over the next week or so in bringing you some of my favorite Feeds.


You can see my first batch off to the right of the page, this I can assure you will change but for now, lets see how many posts from those sites match the criteria that I submitted with the inclusion into this site.


I will not stop the Daily Post and for the Syndicated Contributions you will not be able to leave comments but for now, lets just see what the rest of the world is saying about Tech and then I can get back to doing what I love about this forum…The Rants Baby…the Rants!  This change will let me take my major topics of choice each day and focus just on a little bit of a Bitch and Chew Session.


As for my RSS Feed…well its right here or on the right side of the page with all my other Social Connectors!


Oh yes and one other change…unfortunately as the site has grown so has the ammount of time it takes to wade through the SPAM Comments (and I thought that my Gmail account was filled with useless crap…HA!)  I have changed the settings so that you have to be a subscriber to leave a comment…I know this is not open and friendly but I can assure you that I will NEVER sell your contact information to anyone and will only contact you from my blog related email address and NOT as the Tech Sales Guy…unless you need to purchase some IT Research.  In that case, call me directly at +1-519-432-3550 ext 2738.  I am there from 7h30 to 17h00 Monday to Friday, Eastern Time in Canada.


Cheers and shoot me any comments or questions directly to krispy at!




Chris J Powell

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