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Next Steps to meeting my Next Challenge

Back on June 22 I shot out a query that I was considering taking on a new path and learning how to be a “coder”.  I was quite surprised at the number of colleagues, clients and friends that actually do read this blog on a daily or semi daily basis because over the past month, this has been a very common question put forward.

It took some great soul searching and looking at many different opportunities and IDEs to actually come up with what I will eventually set up and carve out 10-15 hours per week to learn.  From the Image above you may have identified that I have decided to dive into the exciting world of Mobile Application Development.  Now this still does not alter the fact that I have not decided which programming language I will will focus on but it does let me get started with playing with some interesting Development Platforms.

I will not however specialize in just one type of phone/tablet because well that is just silly!  No I have looked at several cross platform development tools all starting with an interesting search on the topic that lead me to Mashables 5 Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools You Should Try.

I have played around with eclipse several times during my on again off again love affair with Computer Programming so when I found MoSync I became intrigued and immediately downloaded the SDK.  Ultimately MoSync does let me focus my efforts on C++ and HTML5 but in doing so allows me to then target mobile devices.

MoSync is OpenSource which is great, but unlike many OpenSource projects, it is very well documented with an extensive list of User Guides, Tutorials and Example Applications to help me get started.  Considering I have already targeted an interesting application to try to develop, it should be interesting to see how MoSync can help me get there quickly.

But with 5 solid cross platform tools to choose from I also downloaded the other options.  As an example of just how fast the world of technology is moving, RhoMobile is now under the umbrella of Motorola, it is still cross platform and interestingly, it is entirely based on the world of HTML5 and Ruby.

Grrr…these choices are becoming too much.

But at least I am moving towards an eventual decision and I wanted to thank everyone who Tweeted, made recommendations by phone and email in response to my original post.


Chris J Powell

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