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Not a Tech Rant…just a down right Rant!

I had to take a break from my series on the BOSSies, not just because this is Thursday and Thursday is all about my Rant!


I did get a little frustrated with the loss of 40 minutes of work yesterday when I switched from the HTML to the Visual Tab in WordPress…oh the horror!  But I digress, some of you who are my Facebook friends may have noticed a rather negative Rant about the level of service at a local Furniture Store here in London, ON. 

The company named Teppermans and while they have great quality furniture (I don’t think my butt has ever been cradled quite the way our new Sectional does) their sales staff, after care support and cashiers really made the experience one that I vow I will never have again.  I tend to ignore the sales staff when we go shopping for furniture mainly because they push the financing, try to get you to spend way more than you need to and then in the case of Teppermans do a bit of Bait and Switch when it comes to delivery.


Now I work in Sales so I really do feal for how difficult the job is and I know that they are heavily commissioned and have families to feed but come on…ask a few questions don’t push me around…I came very close to walking out…its a new world out there and if your in Sales you have to be able to focus on the customer not on the sale!


We get past the formalities of the Financing Dance (Iwas never a fan of the Junior High “Clutch and Grab” dancing style) but this process left me feeling a little dirty by the end of the process.  Our $620 purchase could have easily jumped up over $1200 by the time they were done with the Financing Charges, After Care Kit, Extended Warranty etc, etc, etc.


And then comes the delivery!  Now this is what has really gotten me all worked up…we needed to be able to get rid of our old furniture which after almost 7 years (and it was used then) was starting to look a little warn down.  We asked for same day Delivery (because we had that offer from two other stores) and that was not going to happen.


I ask, if a store is open for business and making sales 7 days per week…does it now point to logic that delivery should  be the same…not with this place.  The Sales Person defers the actual delivery schedule to the Cashier who “sets the delivery schedule”.

We get to the cashier, and the song and dance about Financing, Aftercare and Extended Warranty come back into the equation…the young girl gets a No, No and Damn No on all accounts but then comes the final straw that really started to tick me off.


Delivery times and schedules are rather important for me…I have a job and taking time off is not something that I like to do  so I ask again can we get a Sunday or Monday Delivery…and the response I get was the most aloof little Bougois Socialst answer I have heard in a while “Our delivery Guys need a day off so we don’t deliver on Sunday’s or Monday’s.  The earliest delivery day is Tuesday but delivery to your Postal Code is full that day so it would be Wednesday”.  Wow…no that is the biggest line of crap I have ever heard…Teppermans is just too cheap or business is too slow because of all the FREE credit tey are throwing around!


I looked at her and said…”OK, I am paying CASH in FULL with no Financing…today for something that you can’t deliver because 1) you can’t set up an effective delivery schedule and 2) all the extended credit that you have thrown around has filled the truck?  What if I pay an extra $20 and we bump one of those Tuesday deliveries?”  “I can’t do that sir, it wouldn’t be right.”


So I settle on a Wednesday Delivery in the late afternoon, I may have to take an hour off of work…not that big of a deal until I get a call from this company on Tuesday afternoon to confirm the delivery.  Amazingly, the delivery time has now changed because of my Postal Code again.


Now the Postal Code is a pretty fixed unit of measure, it doesn’t change unless I move and that did not happen in the 3 days since the purchase so why is it that the Delivery Department doesn’t know what the Cashier promised and had clearly included on our Bill of Sale?


Strange thing was it was the delivery time changing not my Postal Code and the Sales Person and the Cashier both had that information.  So the time that we were told was between 4PM and 9PM but now by some magical act of the Bait and Switch our delivery time is 1PM to4PM.  I question the expertise of the Delivery Service Specialist and explain that when we PAID IN FULL for the furniture we were told that it would be delivered at a different time.  And to top it off now I find out that that delivery to our area during that time slot is on Tuesday’s and there is room on the truck for delivery that day…blood pressure now rising…anger and bile getting a little too close to the surface!


I explain that we still need to get rid of our existing furniture so that won’t work.  I ask for a smaller time frame so that I can make arrangements to be at home…and the DSS states…we can’t shrink that 3 hour window any smaller…”we don’t know how long our guys will be in each house.”

The one shining spot about this whole experience was the actual 3 guys who came to deliver the furniture.  They were polite, efficient and arrived right smack dab in the middle of the Delivery Window which let me get back to work and not have to take any time off that I can’t recover by working through my lunches which I do anyways.  But one thing that I could not bring myself to do after all the negatives that this company has produced…I could not tip them as they were driving a Teppermans Truck, wearing Teppermans shirts and no…not one penny…sorry guys.


We now have this wonderful new piece of furniture it for the most  part matches our other furniture but we do need to sort out the Feng Shui of our living space and maybe accessorize a bit but I know one thing is for certain…I will NEVER, EVER grace the inside of another London “Furniture Store”.


I now have a much better understanding why IKEA and JYSK have such a successful business model and while this may mean settling for something not quite as comfortable or not quite what we are looking for…I will either build it my self from scratch or buy a kit from this day forward.


Thanks for letting me vent…I can now get on with my day!


Chris J Powell

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