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Old Media vs. New Media…the debate rages on…and Wikipedia goes dark

I give a lot of credit to the founders and employees of Wikipedia for really standing up for something that it believes strongly in.  Taking a massive and much used service like Wikipedia and turning off the lights to even for 24 hours is a big risk…but they did it.

I have written about SOPA and PIPA the two draconian laws that are currently being debated in US Congress that supposedly protects the rights of all Americans but in reality only protects companies unwilling or unable to keep up with the times.  What these companies must do is accept that there are real alternatives to buying a CD, Record, Tape, Book or Movie…that New Media is not only here to stay but will continue to reshape the way people consume content.

In the US, will share the dark view that Wikipedia produced for their site (see image below).  Since I am Canadian and do not have the need for Proxie Server right now but the Google Doodle for today (you can actually check out every Google Logo produced here):

Google Doodle for January 18, 2012 - in protest of SOPA/PIPA

Thanks to the power of the internet I was able to get some insight into the click through and a great PDF InfoGraphic has been produced for the occasion! is also joining the blackout and has produced some Blackout Plugins for your blog if you use WordPress like I do.

Starting at 8:00 AM don’t be surprised to find some issues with your Firefox default start page…they too are part of the January 18, Protest!

The original and still among my favorite sites for locating the next big thing in Software, Tucows also has taken a dark approach to their site for the day.

Internet Kitty Video lovers out there… will also participate today…so the extreme cuteness will not be so cute today, but this network also includes the FailBlog, Memebase, TheDailyWhat and many more internet standbys.

Also notable, the Front Page of the Internet will go dark from 8AM-8PM Eastern in support of the Wednesday Blackout!

Here are some links for you to do your part.  If you are American and care about continued uncensored access to the internet check them out…get involved and put a stop to this before the point of no return is reached:

Cheers and have a Great Day,

Chris J Powell

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