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Open Standards and Open Source

As a Linux Geek it always makes me happy to hear that Open Source Companies are making money off of promoting the use of Open Source.  The way that the economy has dragged through an extended Global Recession that continues to threaten every aspect of the economy I did find a couple of bright spots out on the interwebz today.

The first is a report about a company that promotes the use and training on Open Source platforms.  OpenLogic started by building the OpenLogic Exchange, which is a repository of certified (by OpenLogic) OSS compliant software.  Beyond the certification and recommendation of Open Source alternatives to Proprietary Software, Open Logic provides Technical Support, Training and Open Source Governance.

In the report there was an interesting quote:

“In 2011 OpenLogic’s client base grew to more than 300 enterprise customers worldwide. New customers helped fuel the company’s record growth, as did existing customers who bought additional software and services, more than doubling expansion business over 2010. Overall, 70% of OpenLogic’s business continues to come from Global 2000 enterprises, although in 2011 OpenLogic saw the fastest growth from government and mid-market companies. The US market led in customer growth, followed by Asia Pacific, while EMEA showed the largest increases in average deal size.”

I was curious as to how deep the Free Service would take me and I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed at the fact that more than 750 Applications are included in this directory but you can also break that down into 96 Categories (ranging from .NET and SOAP to Operating Systems and Browsers to SDKs and IDEs).  There is also an alternative to sort the certified applications by License type as well with 29 Open Source Licenses Represented as well as Documentation, Commercial, Freeware and Public Domain as well.

Even more impressive, OpenLogic freely provides insights into OpenSource Trends in the enterprise:

The Application Server/Web Server category:
Trending Up: Node.js and nginx
Trending Level: Tomcat and Apache HTTP Server
Trending Down: JBoss and GlassFish
The Frameworks category:
Trending Up: Rails
Trending Level: Spring, Grails, Struts
Trending down: (none)
The databases and big data category:
Trending Up: HBase, Hadoop, MongoDB
Trending Level: MySQL, PostgreSQL
Trending Down: CouchDB

For any company looking to get their feet wet in the opportunities of Open Source…this is a great resource.  Start with the Free access and as needed, dive into the full Enterprise Licensing structure…you won’t be alone with steady growth and increased revenue…Open Logic is poised to help support companies and governments struggling with the concept of Open Standards.

And speaking of Open Standards, the UK Government announced a new “Consultation on Open Standards“.  From looking over the content and reading through the synopsis from over at The H Online I would say that the UK is poised to break free of the bonds of Proprietary Software and join the rest of Europe with the adoption of Open Source Solutions.  I have the honor of working with an SMB in the UK that long ago decided it was going to break free of the bonds of Proprietary Software and make a complete move to Ubuntu…this may become a more common event and as traction builds, and with companies like OpenLogic to support the push…the  future is looking very bright indeed for Open Source Developers and companies building and supporting the OS Communities.

Well…Saturday is here…the final touches on the mass move to the New Krispy’s Rants is coming soon after some very serious technical delays.


Chris J Powell

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