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OS Sunday – All the Way from Spain

This week as I went searching around the Interwebz for a Distro to look at I stumbled across a Kademar Linux from Spain.  Normally I don’t like looking to an OS that has not had an update in over two years but I thought I would take a look…and then I started the download…and quickly came to the realization that this would take me until next week to get it installed so I scratched that concept.  With my look to the world of Enterprise Linux Distributions though I have come across more than a few European Government services that have made the whole scale switch to Linux and one of the Spanish Government’s sponsored distros is called LinEx.  The harsh reality is…this was going to take a while as there seems to be a massive cap on Internet Services coming across the Atlantic.

With a potential 3 hour lay over in waiting for the 3.7 GB Distro to download, I took a bit of a break and did some of my other Sunday Morning Routines while I waited for the ISO to download.

Europe really seems to have embraced the concept of Linux and OpenSource, in a very different way than we have here in North America.  This Distro is sponsored by and funded by the Government of Extremadura in Spain and has several different “flavors” that have been produced both for the Government and the Citizens of Extremadura in Central Spain.

While wait was almost unbearable and reminded me of my days on Dial-up service waiting for days for the latest Game to download.  The start-up comes up in Spanish, it was not completely foreign and I was able to start the installation without incident choosing to point things to English and to Canada fairly quickly.  Unlike many of the distributions that I have installed recently, it had me set up the user in the very early stages and the installation did not take very long at all.

As usual I set things up on a Oracle VirutalBox VM with 4GB of RAM and  20GB HDD.  I did come to one challenge that did not translate over to English when the installer asked for additional packages to be installed.  The Accesiblidad, Programacion and Ocio optioins were well…not exactly in my wheel house of understanding so I installed all three.

The Gnome 3 Interface was a familiar throw back for me, as I have always been a big fan of the way that Gnome presents itself, and the applications that are included with the All In installation that I chose really meant that I did not have to install anything else to be instantly productive (or start to waste time with a full compliment of Games as well).

Graphics: Blender, the GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus and StopMotion

Internet: Firefox, Ekiga Softphone, and Transmission

Office: LibreOffice, Evolution Mail and Document Viewer

Programming: Glade Interface Designer, KDevelop and Eclipse

Sound and Video: Audacity, Movie Player, Rhythmbox, RoseGarden and VLC

Add/Remove Programs is very easy to use if you do feel the need to install more software.  It uses both the local repositories in Spain but also the general Wheezy Debian Repositories.  Another welcome change is that Wine was also included in the installation so that if a “Windows” component does need to be installed, there is a real option to be able to continue.

At idle, the system runs very smoothly with only 8-12% CPU Usage and just over 136MB of RAM which is great.  Everything was easy to find and any configurations needed were very easy to address (beyond changing the Desktop, I did not have to do much tweaking at all).

Overall, despite the extended wait for the 3.7GB download to arrive I am more than just impressed, this is a very solid alternative and for those looking to have a pre-Unity Ubuntu feel…this might just fit the bill for you.

Cheers and Happy Sunday everyone!

Chris J Powell

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