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OS Sunday – GoGo Gadget Arms

The title of this weeks look into the world of Operating Systems really has nothing to do with the Linux Distribution that I decided upon but as a child of the 70’s, Inspector Gadget was a morning staple of mine and when I look at how GoboLinux, the recipient of my time this week has changed how Linux is sorted and filed…maybe it is fitting after all.

powered_by_gobolinuxThe interesting thing that got me thinking about leveraging an Alpha version of a Linux Distribution for review is that GoboLinux applies a new File System to how applications are sorted and each App, gets its own folder…so it should be interesting to see what happens when I not only install the base system but head out to find the rest of the applications that makes a complete OS for me…and then add a few extras and become annoyed with them and then remove them only to add more…you know like how many of us operate our computing lives in 2014 (ok maybe it is just me and it is even worse when it is a Tablet or SmartPhone).

The rather substantial 1.3 GB download was a tad bit slow in coming down but within 20 minutes I was ready to apply the ISO to a 20 GB Virtual Machine with 4 GB of shared memory assigned to it and right off the bat during the the boot up into the Live media…I was met with my first challenge…to startx or to run the Installer in text based…lucky for me this decision was made for me as the Installer would not start without Wine…ok it is an Alpha release…so I can expect some quirks…but this early on and then the brick wall hit…

There is no installer included with this Alpha Release…so if I want to see what this new File System is all about…I guess I need to take a step back and try the stable 14.01 version of Gobo…this attempt was not as much of a bandwidth hog at only 671 MB to download…but considering that it came out in 2008…that could be expected and now my experience with a well thought out site with multi language support, a well built user documentation forum and lots of screen shots will be forever tarnished by a 6 year technology gap…but lets see what a time machine feels like…and it feels like being a no where man.

Within the first 10 seconds of the boot I hit a Kernel Panic and then…for some reason it just started on the 3rd try?

What I was presented with was a version of KDE (KDE 3.5.8 to be exact) that took me back in time to just after I started using Linux on a permanent basis…and the look and feel felt familiar to me…even it is this version of KDE that forever tainted my thoughts and feelings towards this desktop environment.

The install went smoothly and was a nice change from the world of 4 click installs as I had to format an ext2 or ext3 partition before I could run the installer…but after that it was quick and except I decided because this was a quick test of the system…I created a User that had Root privileges and this apparently is a mistake with GoboLinux because when I arrived at the login screen and attempted to login…Root Logins are not allowed.

There is are many reasons why living in the past is not a good thing…and this is one of them.  NO Linux Distro should only be updated every 6 years…so I am going to have to say…just stay away from GoboLinux…unless you have a few hours to muck around with the Alpha…or like to live in 2008 then you can play with the outdated world of 14.01.

Cheers and Happy Sunday to all!









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