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OS Sunday – Krispy is Not the Only Thing Evolving

One of the best things about Linux is its ability to change into exactly what the individual wants from a computer and since the very first time that I installed a distro (way back in 1996 with Caldera Linux) I fell in love with the customizability of it.  With the changes that I am proposing for my own life, I decided to head out and go looking for something that was new, fresh and very different from what I am used to seeing.  No Gnome, no KDE and no other Graphical User Interface.  I wanted a new Desktop and what I found was truly an evolutionary slant on what we think of as a Desktop Environment.  The Evolve OS is not only slick…it is absolutely gorgeous!

From past experiences though, entering into the world of Alpha Releases can not only be a challenge but can be an absolute nightmare so I went in with low expectations…and the results of my initial testing were not only above those lowered expectations…I became enamoured with the simplicity and usability of this new Distro.

Downloading the 655 MB ISO was not only easy…but super fast using the Torrent File from the Evolve OS site and installation was also a very painless process.  Building on the foundation of the Budgie Desktop I was impressed with everything except for the options for software but what comes with the OS is more than enough to give it a go and get a good understanding of what the future of this young Linux Distro may be.


  • Firefox Browser
  • Thunderbird Email


  • The GIMP

Like I said, it is slim pickings for options for installing but in using the power of the Firefox Browser and the extensions of it, you are able to build a fairly powerful “cloud based” OS like ChromeOS.

I have been using a Chromebook now for almost a year and the reality is, there is very little that I can not do with it as long as there is an internet connection and Firefox just like Chrome has a very extensive software center that enables everything from development tools to office applications to games.  The only issue with using Firefox is the Linux version of Flash does not enable the use of many flash based games and applications…but there is a saving grace as Google Chrome is available through the use of the Evo Assist Program (the only install available at the time of this review).

Simplicity does matter for this guy…but one thing that I think I might just do is follow the instructions to install the Budgie Desktop on my Ubuntu partition on my Chromebook…because I really like how it just works.


That is it for me today…off to spend some time with my kiddo.

Remember, life is all about evolving.  The radical changes in life tend to hurt…so while life is full of the catalysts of change…sometimes it is the simple things that really make life worth living!






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