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OS Sunday – Minty Fresh

When I took over the Acer Netbook from my darling wife, I started on a quest to find a Distro that would let me do all that I wanted and look good on the small 10″ screen.  I thought that I had found that with Slackel Linux last week but as it turns out, the Slackware repositories don’t have the same depth as what I am used to and its life on the Netbook was short lived (too bad, I really liked the look and feel).  So the quest continued.  I downloaded no less than 20 different distros last week and it came down to two, Lubuntu and Linux Mint.

While I ended up opting for the Lubuntu Distro (because the Netbook only has 2GB of RAM) I was quite impressed with the strides that LinuxMint has made with its “Mate” Desktop.  LinuxMint is based on the Ubuntu Family of Linux but has a unique twist that has almost always been evident…it does not follow the look and feel of the Ubuntu family and has built a very solid and slick User Interface that is both very modern but also keeps the user grounded in what Computing has been since the Windows95 days.

The OS comes with nearly everything that a user would need to get started using Linux and is advanced enough to appeal to both advanced users as well as beginners.

LinuxMint has been one of my favorites since it first came out and has actually even held a spot on my arm as a Tattoo (the original logo) but I always seem to go back to Ubuntu (that is one of the main reasons for starting OS Sunday!

Included with the distro is a full offering of solutions for just about everyone.

  • Graphics – The Gimp, gThumb and Eye of Mate
  • Internet- Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin
  • Office Productivity – LibreOffice
  • Sound/Video – Banshee, GnomePlayer, VLC

One of the real wins for LinuxMint though is the consistency that they bring to the Mate Desktop.  It all just works.  I have never had any issues connecting to the Network, setting up shares and doing what I want to do within 5-10 minutes of installing…its one short fall…it is so gorgeous…it does not scale well on the 10″ screen of a Netbook which is why I ended up moving towards Lubuntu with its LXDE desktop and slightly more nimble connectivity.

I strongly recommend LinuxMint on Full size installs (desktop or full size laptop).



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