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Out with the Old and in with…well the Old

So for those who may be wondering what happened to the radical changes that I had planned for the site over the weekend…well…lets just say life happened.  I was doing some maintenance on the home systems and noticed a few performance issues that needed to be addressed.  If you are a Geek you can attest to when you start digging into what is causing those issues…hours turned into days and I was forced to do a complete back up and restore of all my system files on 3 PCs and the NAS.

But beyond the grind of having to deal with “stuff” the weekend came and went far to fast.  I did do a side by side install so that I could get a feeling for the speed of install of the new Ubuntu 11.10 vs. Windows 7.  In Window’s favor it was being installed on the Monstaputer that has 16 GB of RAM and a 6 core processor but it only beat Ubuntu on the slower and far older Mainputer by about 4 minutes with its 4 GB of RAM and 2 core processor.

Only problem is…the experiment will be short lived as when I installed Windows on the Monstaputer I decided to take advantage of the performance of the Solid State Drive and had it all figured out that I would just install the programs onto a “working” drive…yeah…Windows in its typical Microsoft fashion decided to take up 75% of the space on my small SSD so performance instantly took a huge knock.  Updates and installs of productivity programs lead to several restarts and with those restarts a strange need to do a Checkdisk with each reboot.

Back to Linux for me…amazing how Windows only lasted a day and a half with me.  Oh how I wish I could boot to Ubuntu at work.

Now back to the site and the reasons behind my not having a full updated look.  With everything that went on with the computers, I decided it made much more sense to get the “house” in order before I tackled the new site.  For my regular visitors you will likely notice that gone is the difference between and  That was done on purpose as my hopes for a fresh new look and style and a new blogging platform would have to wait.

I will be moving the first domain over later this week. will be the first to get the new look.  I have not completely decided who or what will be the back end.  I messed around with Concrete5 for a bit on the weekend and could not get it to work with my host.  I like for its simplicity but it really is JUST a blogging platform and I want so much more from my site so the search continues.

I suspect that the winner will be Drupal but I continue to be intrigued by Typo3 and Xoops.  Anyone who has some suggestions feel free to drop me a line at krispy at

Well s begins another week…just 1560 files left to move back over to the NAS and then it is reinstall time.


Chris J Powell

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