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Politics on Friday???

Yes, Krispy’s Bytes is a Technology Blog and yes Friday’s are usually reserved for Free Apps but yesterday, the Province of Ontario headed off to the polls to decide the future of the 13.5 million people that call this great place home.  I have never hidden my political views, I tend to believe in Conservative beliefs and try to focus on doing for myself rather than waiting for someone else to do for me but even I struggled with the question of who to vote for yesterday.

You see, Ontario was once the economic engine for all of Canada.  We built things here.  We Serviced things here.  We were proud of being the wealthiest and most progressive province in the Confederation of Canada but over the past decade…something rather foul started to crop up.  Businesses closed, jobs were lost and the power and economy shifted West to the Oil & Gas rich provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  Propping up companies with bail outs and loans…just extended the inevitable and even here in the City I live in…there seems to a steady trend of shuttered businesses and jobs drying up.

The Political Landscape here has truly become one that has taken on a very strange feel and in general, there is an apathy towards one of the greatest freedoms that members of a Democratic Society have…that is the ability to single handedly change the political future by spending a few moments to cast a ballot during an election.

The Provincial Elections that have occurred since I was born have seen a near continuous decline in voter turn out:


This year…the results are showing a preliminary detail of a slight increase from 2011 to 51.7%…but really…is this really a democracy when only 1/2 of the eligible population actually takes the time to vote.  It really makes me angry that 48.3% or almost 4.5 MILLION people could not take the time to actually understand that they have a responsibility to participate and get off their duffs and spend the few minutes it takes to vote.

The Polling Station that I went to was incredibly well organized.  When I arrived at about 7:13 PM last night, I was greeted by a young man who pointed me in the direction of the Poll that I was to go to.  I presented my Voter Card and my Drivers License and I was handed my ballot and off I went to my protected little screen.  I placed my vote in the box and exited the Polling Station a grand total of 5 minutes later.

5 minutes…really 4.5 million people don’t have an extra 5 minutes?

Getting there should not have been an excuse…you could have called any of the candidates in your riding and they would have arranged for transport for you.

A good friend of mine also put out a call in her new Blog to get more involved with the local, provincial and national politics and not just pay attention during an election.  This is a fundamental part of being a member of a Free and Democratic Society.

Not only do I concur…but I will actually make a pledge right here and right now to not only become more active…but I will once again be an active member of the Political Landscape that I live in.  I have failed to live up to the standards that I grew up with…I remember all to well back in the early 90s when I not only actively participated in the Common Sense Revolution.  I have failed my daughter by not reinforcing the importance of being active in the community and following through with holding our politicians accountable for the promises they have made.

It is time that Leadership returns to the world of Politics!



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