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The Power of Social – Story Telling

Social Media is one of the most powerful and awe inspiring creations of this or any generation. Never has there been a single class of Technologies that can bring so many people together so quickly and so completely. One of my favourite parts about Social Media is the ability of it to build a Story that really tells you about a Brand or about a Person. The reality is, this is not something that is done too often with any real effect and Social Media has become more about the “broadcast” rather than the sharing of a good story. For me…that is about to change.


Humanity loves stories. From the beginning of time, the ability to communicate through the telling of a story has enthralled the masses. Look to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, these classic stories of love, lust and the quest for self-enlightenment are shining examples of the Graeco-Roman capacity to convey “history” through a story.

I love a good story and at every opportunity try to work in one to explain a point or underline the importance of a point…because while we may not be as good at telling them…we truly love to be told one.

As a Sales Guy, the story is often what gets me engaged with a prospective or current customer. The ability to relate past events to a current situation and is truly an art form that for many has become lost in the modern quest for all things “profit”. Personally I don’t think that the art of Storytelling should be lost, it is a useful skill in nearly any profession and if you have kids I encourage you to not only promote this skill but to remember the awe that your own child had the first time you put some emotion behind the telling of the “Cat in the Hat” or the “Little Engine that Could”.

I was looking for some supporting information and examples of modern storytelling and I was pleasantly surprised to find a Google+ post that did just that.

The Story of SUSE Linux and how the Chameleon and the Penguin became friends as told from the voices of children. Yes that is right, I am quite certain that these kids do not know the difference between SUSE and Ubuntu or why the Penguin or Chameleon represent their brands the way that they do but as the story unfolds…I find it interesting that this skill…is something that we tend to lose as we get older…a shame really:

What is your story today? How will you tell it? How will you share it?

While these Blog Posts may be a part of my Story…I think I realize that I need to change some things in the way I interact with Social Media…and make my Story a tale for the ages. A quest, not unlike that of Ulysses and his band of battle worn soldiers…I will find my home once again…and take back the kingdom that is rightfully mine (ok so I am not royalty, nor a great warrior…but come on it does sound better than a Sales Guy looking for a job right).

So I venture off to start another week. What story will you tell?



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