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Prepping for the New Year – will I make any Resolutions?

With just a few days before 2012 is upon us I thought I would take a moment and reflect upon the utter failures that my past New Years Resolutions have been.  This will be my 40th kick at the can when it comes to celebrating a New Year but lets be realistic…we didn’t start trying to trick ourselves into making fundamental changes in ourselves until we were in our late teens for the most part so for the past let’s say 24 years I have been trying to make changes to who I am with the flip of a calendar.


I am not so sure why I have failed so many times at achieving the Goals that I set out to achieve each year.  I have the best intentions and other Goals I set for myself I have a strong affinity for buckling down and achieving.  Goal Setting has been something that I do on a regular basis, I set a target and work towards the end result.  I set out measurable steps along the way, have regular reminders of what I need to do to focus on the success and well then I track down the win.  But I think back to the past 24 years and I don’t think that I have been able to achieve a single one of my resolutions.


Well that is not entirely true.  In 1996-97 I do remember making a resolution that I would make more time for ME and find “true love”…well I met her in February 1997, we were married in June 1998, had our wonderful daughter in September 1999.  Now the past 14 years have not been without their challenges, struggles and outright twists but I would really not change a thing about those years.


So I am 1 for 24 in successfully achieving my New Years Resolution Goal.  Lets take a look at what some of those other goals were (and yes…I wrote everyone of them down and kept them handy).

  • 1988 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 1989 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 1990 – Start Running 5 miles per day – Fail (and super fail when I enlisted in the Army in February)
  • 1991 – Complete Rehab for my knee and re-enlist (it just never happened – Life got in the way)
  • 1992 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 1993 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 1994 – 2nd year of college…not a blur but WAY TO BUSY (working full time nights and going to school all day)
  • 1995 – Survive Toronto – Ok so technically not a fail but I have a deep seated dislike (bordering on hatred) each time I get within 50 miles (75 km) of the city
  • 1996 – Get Promoted and get a Raise, and Quit Smoking (Success, Fail and Fail)
  • 1997 – Make time for ME and find the right person for ME – Success
  • 1998 – Quit Smoking and lose 20 lbs – Fail and Fail
  • 1999 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 2000 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 2001 – Join Gym – Joined and never went (wow, that was a great investment)
  • 2002 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 2003 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 2004 – Be a better Husband and Father – the Jury is still out on this one
  • 2005 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 2006 – Commit to more involvement at “daughters school” – Well this was also a success…I volunteered 4 hours per day 3 days per week for 9 months and was on the Parents Council as the Vice Chair
  • 2007 – Rebuild my spirituality and be better than I was yesterday – Well I guess when you set a goal like this…it never really ends
  • 2008 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 2009 – Quit Smoking – Fail
  • 2010 – No Resolutions this year
  • 2011 –  Join Gym and get back into shape – well we went for 4 months…then for 8 months we paid and never went…really…wow again


So this brings us to 2012.  As you can see I have been a Smoker since I was 16 and have not had much success in kicking the habit, breaking the cycle of dependency or what ever…will I quit…someday but this year I think my resolution must be to not fall into the trap of New Years Resolutions again.  In 2012 I will focus on my existing Goals that have varied Time Lines with defined targets and specific results laid out.  Looking to my Work’s Fiscal Year, My Birthday, My Anniversary, Summer Holidays etc that will allow me to better define a real change in myself that I can live up to.


Well that is my 2 cents worth for today.  What have your “New Year’s Resolution” successes been?




Chris J Powell

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