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Quest for the next Mobile Companion

I am more than a little torn.  As much as I love my Nexus 4 there is a whole new group of super phones out there that have been catching my eye and I wonder if it is time to start saving my pennies and jumping from Nexus to a new brand.  The one thing that I do know, there are two brands that I will not even be considering:  Samsung and Apple!


Over the past 15 years I have had a variety of phones but there has been one consistent connection between me and the outside world and it started with Motorola and will likely end with that as well…but at the same time I am a little perplexed by the dumping of that brand by Google to Lenovo.

When I got my Motorola RAZR HD for my 40th birthday…it had been the phone I had been pining over for a long time and when it fell out of my pocket and disappeared forever…I was lost.

My quest for a new phone is not because my Nexus 4 is too old or outdated, there is a technical issue with it that really limits the usage of the phone.  The headphone jack will no longer accept a plug and sure I can replace it for just $10 off of eBay….do I really want to “brick” another phone like I did with 3 Samsung’s back in 2012?

So my love/hate relationship with my mobile connection to the outside world continues and I wonder what will be my next phone or do I just suck it up and get another set of Bluetooth headphones?  Right now my short list includes:

Motorola X :


HTC One M8:


Sony Experia Z1 or Z2:


Huawei Ascent Mate2:


I like each phone for different reasons, and the other option is to go completely cheap and locate an off brand phone from the deepest and darkest confines of the Chinese Smartphone market from the site that gave me a really awesome little Java Phone 6 years ago…yes I love window shopping at!

Well, the way I see it, I have some time to decide because I have options to listening to music on my pedestrian commute to work.




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