Chris J Powell

Reconnecting with Old Friends

For the first time in years the wife and I legitimately went out for no other reason than to have a little fun.  The occasion…none really but our old neighbors were having a Stag and Doe so we shipped the ankle biter off to a friend’s house and went out for the night.

This would go far to explain why my post is a couple of hours late as I do not generally partake in the libations but here in Canada, one of the staples of a good Stag and Doe is the Jello Shooter and we did our part in supporting the soon to be married couple with a substantial amount of return visits from the bride and her bridesmaid’s.  For me I did not over indulge to say the least…mainly because I am the only driver in the family and it is wrong to Drink and Drive.

Overall yesterday was a really great family day as we did our own little version of the Economic Stimulus Plan and ended up in Grand Bend, ON.  We walked the strip, did some people watching and mainly window shopping and found some pretty good deals on those “summer trinkets” that we really don’t need but always seem to accumulate.

Today will be a mission of pet cleaning as our family pet Moo the Turtle is a bit greener than usual.

Not a lot of deep insights today…might be the lack of sleep but I look forward to the upcoming week.


Chris J Powell

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