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Release Day for the Galaxy Nexus, Lync Client for Android and Is the Kindle Fire the next Edsel?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will hit US Store shelves today at Verizon Wireless kiosks and store fronts today.  This Android phone is truly a work of art and to top it off comes loaded not only with the latest Android OS but will be getting a fresh update upon activation as well.  This Super Phone has been much anticipated for some time and with the Holiday Shopping in full swing the $299 with contract price should not deter many stores being sold out very early.

The Samsung flagship Smart Phone will lead the charge for some amazing Google inspired products for 2012 and it will be a challenge for other manufacturers to keep up with the impressive Stats for this phone.  In a comparison to the iPhone 4S…my oh my screen envy is not the only thing that Apple fans will have:


Galaxy NexusiPhone 4S
Dimensions135.5 x 67.9 x 9.5 mm115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm
Weight150 g140 g
TypeHD Super AMOLEDLED backlit TFT
Size720×1280, 4.65 inches640×960, 3.5 inches
Memory16/32GB storage16/32/64 GB
Camera5MP with flash8 MP with flash
720p front cameraVGA front camera


Will I be trading in my Galaxy S II for the Nexus…not likely considering I just caught wind of a rumor that there will be an official Ice Cream Sandwich Release for my phone in the next few weeks…I think I can stick this one out…for now at least.


Microsoft Lync and a client for Android Phones

Well, Apple may be dismissing the recent success of Android as a platform as nothing more than a blip but obviously Microsoft is paying attention and just released the first iteration (on any platform) of it Lync Unified Communications Platform.  Considering that Lync is an important part of Office 365 and part of the Microsoft play into Cloud Productivity…this is a big deal.  The app is FREE but does require either a native Lync Server or an Office365/Lync Online account but should bring Enterprise level communications options to Android Users.


Some experts out there are calling the Kindle Fire the next Edsel

Ok so for some of us we don’t remember the Edsel so here is a little history when it comes to one of the biggest product launch fails of all time.  On September 4, 1957 the Ford Motor Company released the Edsel Product Line with much fanfare and well less than stellar results.  In a three year run of production of 2,846 1960 vehicles…less than 84,000 actually sold and Ford lost more then $350 million on the venture.


The complaints and frustrations by early adopters of the new Tablet from Amazon include a lack of external volume controls, the power button is too easy to accidentally switch off, Web Pages in the much hyped Silk Browser take a long time to load and well the lack of privacy on the device.


Will the Kindle Fire go the way of the Apple Newton, the Edsel, New Coke and the McDonald’s Arch Deluxe…well as New York Times David Streitfield puts it…NEVER count out the power of Amazon to pull through or underestimate the company.


The reality of the product is that it is not meant to be a replacement or a true competitor to the larger and more robust iPad or other Android Tablets.  What I really don’t get is how consumers think that they are going to get EVERYTHING they see in a $500-700 tablet for less hen $200.  The Kindle Fire was designed to be the bridge between eReaders and Tablets.  To cross the chasm of users who want more but really can not justify making the move to a 10″ Tablet.


Well time will tell if the Kindle Fire will be Amazon’s big mistake…I think that Consumers have been spoiled…I have 4 Tablets in my home right now ranging from the ultra low end Sony Mylo, to the Augen GenTouch78 to the HP Zeen and my Apple iPad.  I know the limitations of each…respect that looking at the devices as peers but never equals is the way to go.  This is the biggest problem with Consumer Technology that comes completely prepackaged…and is why I will never give up my desktop computer!


Well that is it for me…counting down the days until the end of 2011.




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