Chris J Powell

Reshaping the World of IT

For many IT Leaders, the constant barrage of new and emerging technology rings true as one of the biggest challenges that they face on a constant basis.  Nothing stands still, there is no status quo and for those that think that “just maintaining what they have” is a way to survive are deluding themselves.

I am not saying that a massive investment of time or resources needs to occur for an IT Department to be relevant (although the time investment can definitely help) but taking a step back from the 5, 10, 15 or 190 projects that the department will complete in 2013 will be key.  What value are those projects providing to the Core Business functions that you support?  Are you focused on ensuring the Innovative and Continued Growth of the Company?  When tomorrow comes, do you have a plan?

Just as the Tablets (ie iPad), Smart Phones and Social Media changed the expectation of Business and how they look to IT, there is an even bigger change coming in the next few years.  Many companies are already starting to face the influx of Generation Y and their world view of always connected, internet world. These people that will begin flooding the workforce over the next decade are the most technically astute workforce ever known.  They grew up with computers and the internet and their is an expectation that their employer will provide them with the freedom to spread their wings and succeed with access to the Tech that has been around them since the day they were born.

IT needs to take a step back and build a plan on how the new and emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility and Social Media can play into the future of the business.  Whether it is a full blown Strategic Plan, Risk Assessment or just a focus on a Technology Roadmap…there is a real and constant danger that staying the same will make IT a dinosaur and extinction for those who refuse to change is a real possibility.

Think, Plan and Focus then ACT…constant improvement and analysis of the business needs is what will ensure continued success and prosperity for IT Leaders.


Chris J Powell

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