Rise of the Daycation

With the economy shifting, we as a family decided to take a new spin on the family Vacation and explore areas that we can get to and return from in just one day.  We had an itch to explore some history (after I took my daughter to a local “Pioneer Village” last week).


Our “Daycation” this week took us to the historical re-enactment of the British repatriation of Fort Erie on August 5th.  I must say that we had an amazing time, met some old family friends and the world of history came to life for my 11 year old!

Rather than a lot of text I thought it was fitting to do a “Photo Blog” today.

The Union Jack flies just outside the Fort


The American Flag of 1812 Flies on Canadian Soil...for now

Camp Life for the American Defenders

More Camp Life for the American Defenders of Fort Erie

The final Hours of the Stars and Stripes in Canada

Inside the Walls of the Fort

Pre-battle Muster


Firing of the Artillery


The American's Prepare the Defenses






Skirmishers Advance

Every Victory comes with a Price...

Final Push to the Fort...almost there Boys!

These are just a sampling of more than 1000 shots I took during the epic battle…stay tuned for the upload to my Flickr account.


Chris J Powell

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