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Samsung KNOX – BYOD Savior or Just Another Layer?

Every report and whitepaper that I read tells me that BYOD is here and it is an enormous pain for IT Professionals.  There is not enough time or technology available for them to be able to ensure that the Network is Secure, that the right Apps are being used and that there is not a glut of confidential information walking out the door every night at 5PM just waiting for someone to forget their Smart Phone on the table of a Restaurant.

Add to the mix the constant onslaught of new Apps that promise to make the world a better place and a gullible workforce that sees 99 cents as a great investment to make their life better and you have a situation that was designed from the very beginning to make the grown men and women of IT drop to their knees and cry.

Then comes Samsung with its massive lead in handset sales (39.6% according to IDC report) and the promise to make everything better with its new KNOX product.  With the real announcement of its capabilities coming out this week at the Mobile World Congress it is SAFE (Samsung For Enterprise) and is ready to build upon the tremendous lead that its Galaxy and Note series Tablets and Phones have built for it.

It is interesting to see that there Samsung has built in more than 700 APIs that allow IT Pros to customize the BYOD Policies to not only work within existing and planned Mobile Device Management Solutions, but to also customize the features that will be available for each enterprise!

I wonder though if the comments from Blackberry VP David J Smith who finds it “flattering” that Samsung is taking a similar interest in enterprise security, but said it may take awhile to catch up since his own company’s been doing it “since 1999.”

While consumers may be flocking to the Samsung Brand, I don’t have any customers that have said that they have gone the route of bringing in Samsung ANYTHING as their preferred device.  Apple is out in the lead by a landslide, followed closely by Motorola but after that…well it is a real mixed bag of options.  If Blackberry and Samsung are really the only two companies with a real focus on making BYOD Enterprise Ready in their Mobile Hardware…what about the 54.4% of the market that is trying to connect their devices?

Interesting times…I am glad that I have hung up my IT Hat!


Chris J Powell


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